17 Benefits of Massage – For Body and Mind!

London nuru massage can be used to treat a variety of health conditions. It can promote better sleep, help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression, reduce headaches, and increase flexibility. If you have been suffering from chronic muscle pain and stiffness, a massage can help alleviate the pain.


Massage can be a great way of reducing negative emotions. It can help people suffering from anxiety and depression relax and improve their mood. This therapy is not for everyone, though many people are affected by depression. However, it does have some advantages. It’s natural and can help reduce or eliminate your depression.

In the first study, more than half of the participants used medication for their mental health problems. The most common medications used were antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. However, less than one quarter of participants reported using herbal remedies. The study still shows that massage can help people with anxiety and depression, both individually and in groups.

Numerous studies have shown that massage can reduce anxiety and depression. Andrew Vickers, a former researcher at the Research Council for Complementary Medicine, conducted extensive research on the benefits of massage therapy in people with depression. Vickers discovered that massage therapy can help people with depression by releasing the hormone Oxytocin.

One study at the University of Miami School of Medicine revealed that massage therapy decreased levels of the stress hormone cortisol by 53 percent. These results show that massage therapy can be a great option for treating mental health issues and can also be used as a complement to traditional medical treatment. It is important to seek treatment if you are suffering from depression.

A recent study found that massage therapy reduces levels of cortisol, a hormone responsible for stress, in addition to lowering blood pressure and heart rate. It also increases serotonin which is a neurotransmitter associated with happiness. This is helpful for reducing the physical symptoms of depression and anxiety, and can even improve your immune system.


Massage reduces the occurrence of headaches by restoring balance to the body’s hormones. Studies have shown that massage can reduce stress hormone adrenocorticotropin levels and increase levels of the happy hormone, oxytocin. Massage can help reduce headache pain. However, it is important that you determine the root cause of your headache before trying other therapies. If your headache is due to traction-inflammatory causes, seek medical attention.

Over a period of 8 weeks, massage treatments were found to significantly reduce headaches. The first four weeks of the study consisted of baseline measurements that recorded the number of headaches for each subject. The subjects continued their treatment for four more weeks. Participants completed a logbook every day for the study and reported the number and intensity of their headaches. In addition, the duration of each headache was recorded to the nearest quarter hour.

Tension headaches are common among adults and teenagers, and a relaxing massage can ease the pain. The massage can also increase blood flow to the area and reduce the intensity of the headache. This massage is particularly helpful for those suffering from tension headaches or migraines. This massage helps to reduce tension-induced headaches by relaxing stiff muscles and increasing blood flow.

Tension headaches account for over 90% of all headaches. Tight muscles in the jaw, neck, and upper back can trigger tension headaches. Poor posture and teeth grinding are other common causes. The underlying causes of tension headaches can be complex, and massage helps to address them quickly and effectively.


Getting a massage helps improve the flexibility of the muscles. Tight muscles can result in adhesions which restrict movement. Massage breaks these knots and realigns the fibers of the muscle, restoring movement and flexibility. This can help reduce injuries and improve performance. Massage can increase flexibility and flush out body waste products.

Massage, unlike static stretching, has a deep relaxing effect that improves muscle elasticity and stimulates the nervous system. Massage can also increase your range of motion and lengthen the time you can exercise. Static stretching does not help you get the most out of your workout and can lead to injury. Regular massages can help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself while maintaining your flexibility.

It is normal to feel some pain after a massage. This will not cause any serious injury. The therapist will be able to prescribe stretches that will make your body more flexible. By incorporating these stretches into your daily routine, you will notice a significant improvement in your range of motion and decrease in body aches and stiffness.

Regular massages increase blood flow and circulation throughout the body. They help to eliminate lactic acid from the muscles and toxins from your body. Massages are also useful before and after an athletic event. Many athletes self-massage before stretching. Regular massages are a great way to improve flexibility and performance.


Good posture helps you keep your body aligned from side-to-side and reduces strain on your joints. It also helps to prevent overuse disorders and back pain. For optimal posture, you need adequate flexibility and strength. Your postural muscles must be strong and flexible. Start by being aware of how you move and then making adjustments to improve your posture.

Good posture can help you avoid injury and increase your self-confidence. Moreover, it prevents many common ailments and medical conditions. It is important to maintain a good posture on a daily basis. If your posture is causing you pain, you should change it.

Proper posture is important to your health and is easy to achieve. It’s also a lot of fun. It doesn’t take much time. Even if you’re not a professional bodybuilder, you can still make sure that your posture is healthy. These tips will help you maintain a healthy posture.