5 Metal Bending Techniques

Bending metal is an ancient industry, and the industry has grown over the years. Pipes bent metals and tubes are utilized everywhere, from our homes to massive skyscrapers. There are various metal methods of bending that are used by industries based on requirements, the material in use and its application. A few industrial methods of bending metal are listed below.

The technique of bending the press:

Press bending is among the first methods that work on cold pipes and tubing. Like the name implies the die that is designed to look like a bend is pulled against the pipe or tube which forces the metal to conform to the contour of the bend. There is a chance of deformation in this kind of bend because the pipe isn’t internally supported bending press machine.

Draw of the Rotary:

It is the RDB method, also known as rotary draw bend employs, die sets or other tools to bend steel. This method is accurate, and it is possible programme the machines to keep track of many bend jobs. Die sets have two parts, namely the former die and counter die. The former die is used to form the shape, while the counter die works to push metal to bend into the shape that was created by the die used before. The bends created by this process are visually pleasing particularly when the correct tooling is employed for the task.

Technique of Three Rolls Push

TRPB, or Three Roll Push is an no-cost form bending technique utilized to create geometries that include a number of basic bend curves. In this method, the metal is moved between the support rolling roll as well as the bend roll as the metal is pulled through the tool.

Induction of heat:

This technique uses the heat generated by an induction coil that is used to bend metal. The coil is heated to temperatures ranging between 800 and 2,200 degrees. When you get the appropriate level, pressure can be applied on the metal , and it is pushed to bend. When the desired bend has been achieved, the metal is then cooled off using the use of an air spray or water spray.



Technique of roll bending:

In the technique of roll bending, the metal is forced to move by three different sets of rolling rollers, which pressurize the metal and cause the metal to stretch. This method is employed to create coils of steel.