Wednesday, April 24, 2024

5 Reasons Why Your Child Needs Personalized Books

A parent doesn’t necessarily have to know that reading is an essential part of intellectual development. They absorb everything like a sponge at that stage, so reading words and sentences together with beautiful and captivating images is a time full of wonder. You can achieve this feat with any one of the millions upon millions of books that are available for children. But you can make reading for your child more memorable by having a personal book made. While they can be more expensive that a standard book, it is usually well worth it. Here are some reasons why personalized books are worth the investmentpersonalized birthday book.

  1. It makes them even more excited for story time.Children love story time. However, imagine their excitement if they find out that the book in which they will be reading with you is written by them. This will create a love for reading that will last a lifetime.
  2. It connects them and the story.It can be quite difficult to get a child to focus or calm down at times. But if you have a story featuring them, they can’t wait for the next chapter. If your family has story time at night like mine, your child will have been waiting all day to see what happens next to their character. My son often said to me, “Hey dad, it’s bedtime yet?” It was because he wanted me to tell the whole story.
  3. They’ll become more comfortable recognising their names.As I have said, this stage is crucial in a child’s life. With a host of other words and sentences, your child will soon be able recognize their name and learn how to sound it. It is possible for them to not only be able recognize their name verbally, but also to be able write it down. Personalized books are a great way to support them.
  4. It’s something you could save for nostalgic reasons.It might seem strange, but I actually have an older personalized book my mom got me when I was little. It was pretty much our only children’s book. We didn’t donate it. It held a lot more meaning to my heart, so I kept it. I used to take it out and read to my son occasionally.
  5. You’ll also enjoy it more.Personalized books are fun for kids, and you’ll find that your excitement will be shared with them. As they become more independent of you to read the book to them, it will be bittersweet. Both of you will remember the hours you spend together reading the book.

So that’s it. These are my thoughts on why personalized books are so important for children. I’d love your stories and experiences. Please comment below.