Calculating Your Investment Net Worth

There are many websites and tools that help you to calculate your Net Worth (try Googling “internet really worth”… You will get about sixteen,500,000 ‘hits’!).

The hassle is, now not one in all them is proper … As a minimum in terms of assisting you recognize in case you are Trainwreckstv Net Worth financially on target. The purpose is that most people outline Net Worth as:

Your Total Assets – Your Total Liabilities.

That method that your home, your car, your furniture and many different objects that don’t placed a penny to your pocket till you promote them are all covered!

So, to REALLY see where you stand financially, while calculating your Net Worth, you ought to LEAVE OUT:

a) Any ‘fairness’ in your own home that you NEVER intend to release as investment (i.E. Borrow in opposition to for getting, whilst the timing is right, profits-generating-buy-and-hold-funding-real-estate).

B) Any intended ‘fairness’ which you have on your business.

C) Any depreciating ‘property’ including cars and furnishings (until they’re PROVEN collector’s objects).

Let’s call the end result your INVESTMENT NET WORTH …

It’s the best one which subjects!


Well, there are simplest TWO motives to even hassle calculating your Net Worth:

1. To make certain that your ‘portfolio’ suits the Rules of the Rich (e.G. The 20% ‘rule’ on domestic equity that I speak about in a latest publish), and

2. To test whether or not your INVESTMENT NET WORTH (which need to be in passive income-generating investments with the aid of then) can FUND your ideal retirement with at the least ninety nine% threat that your money might not run out earlier than you do.