Saturday, May 18, 2024

Do The Psalms and the Prophets Teach Christians That The Law (God’s Commandments) Should Be Obeyed?

[1] “I Am the Lord [Law] they God, thou shall now not have odd God’s earlier than me.”

“I” (AM) is un-created everlasting gift-second recognition — usually changed into-always could be. “Strange Gods” is residing existence through both past or future thoughts-enslaved states. God is Love consequently, “bizarre Gods” are lower-self mind-units or notion structures — to encompass addictions — which anchor the coronary heart in worry, which is to stay untruth whilst our authentic nature is Truth or Love.

Raised “I” is the approach of aware resurrection into everlasting Love, the intention of human existence. In other words, divine focus is our soul’s unmarried yearning of re-uniting with the empowering organizational Intelligence of Nature, of Source — soul’s choicest functioning nation. Non-divine existence denies soul its Christ-nature expression ensuing in activity alien to Truth, to You the everlasting I Am.

[2] Do now not take the Name of the Lord thy God in vain

“Name” — which means nature of some thing — at soul stage is bliss cognizance, or ability evolution, which, with out conscious touch [in our meditation], remains dormant or “vain.” “Name” will become “vain” whilst expressed negatively in opposition to our soul’s preference for evolution, for such automatically rebounds in opposition to the expresser — in other words, self-inflicted struggling. “The Lord” manner cosmic law, by means of which law our lives are ruled, which may be used for both accurate or bad or, “useless”. “Thy God” is our non-public connection with Love’s nature, the endlessly-current state longing for aware “I am”-knowing and expression.

Lord, Law, God, and Love may be taken to mean the identical and termed by anything titles we desire, BUT, “useless”, or bad regulation-misuse results inside the identical struggling truth. Cosmic regulation works in best percentage to 1’s subjective conditioning — reflections of our high-quality or negative coronary heart/thoughts attitudes. Depending on our aware intentions or subjective conditioning, the laws of Nature continually produce response or karmic response — called “cause and impact” — accordingly action and response are of same share. Meditation is the most fulfilling method of gaining soul freedom — gaining spiritual harmony with all the cosmic laws of Nature, as a result neutralizing karmic responses.

This solutions the age-vintage query of why God is stated to allow so many nasty matters show up in the global; alternatively, it is violation of cosmic regulation at non-public, national or international level that is causal. Thus, it is we, in my view or collectively, who’re responsible for invoking the regulation of “reason and impact” for precise or for terrible, in the world.

Our cause in the world, consequently, is to rouse from such secrets of the Bible devastating lack of knowledge, thereby come into harmony with “thy Lord/Law” inside. Without aware touch with Bliss or Love, we live “Name… In useless.”

[3] Remember to Keep Holy the Sabbath Day

In its literal layout we can see this as attending church one [rest] day in step with week. But, esoterically, the commandment is proclaiming soul development through Sabbath or raised “I” focus consequently consciously setting up permanent Christ recognition.

Biblical Saul had his “flash” conversion-moment on the street to Damascus. But “flash” represents handiest the dawn of non secular growth. Keeping “Holy” the Sabbath, consequently, is to stay that “flash” experience every second of each day through a Christ-developing awareness.

Post “flash”, it takes some hours longer for the “Midday Sun” enjoy. Through our every day recognition development work in meditation, such is how we “hold Holy the Sabbath” — soul becoming acclimatized in “Midday Sun” evolution.

At the Last Supper Jesus said: “Do this in memory of me” which means, exercise of meditation or Sabbath nourishment main to transcendence — “memory of me” is referring to direct experiencing of our own Higher Self nature, “Me”, meaning You.

As soul citizens of the kingdom of heaven, irrespective of faith (or none), expressing transformed consciousness is our every day “Holy” duty and no longer definitely ritual reserved for church-going days. In the grand scheme of the Creator, no character, something our social status or creed, is exempt from “preserving Holy within” [gaining cosmic consciousness] for the greater service and nicely-being of humanity.

[4] Honour thy Father and that they Mother

Throughout my early life, I took this Commandment to mean ‘love my biological dad and mom.’ But, when esoterically interpreted, the emphasis shifts dramatically. “Mother” represents female electricity (gift within each male and woman body), whilst, “father” represents masculine energy (Yin/Yang, once more in each male and woman). Both mother/father dynamic are wanted concurrently for creation, for aware awakening unto Unity or God focus.