Great Reads, Quick Math, and Poker Armor

A couple of years prior, I was truly profound stacked in a $5/$10 cash game loaded up with truly extreme nearby players. I had about $2300 in chips and woke up to KdKh under significant pressure. Having procured a genuinely close picture through around 6 hours of play, I made a standard raise to $30.

The activity collapsed to the cutoff, who was unexpectedly the main player on the table who took care of me. The honorable man in this seat was a more seasoned player, possibly in his mid-fifties. He is shrewd, yet all at once not insane. The nearest player profile I would record him under would be tight forceful. I had known him for quite a long time however we never truly tangled before this hand.

So the cutoff did a fast look at his opening cards and made it $100 to do decisively.

The activity collapsed to me and I made it $250.

Everything considered, the increasingly more I have contemplated that raise (and I’ve assessed this hand many occasions), the more uncertain I am about it. I don’t typically like cheap raises like that yet my manner of thinking for the raise size was to attempt to keep him in assuming he math help forum was detaching with something like KQs, AJs, pocket tens, or something almost identical. I realized he would without a doubt see the failure with those mixes. Likewise, thinking about his profile and the wagering activity (recall that I am 4 wagering from UTG!), I didn’t expect for him to play back at me with beginning hands like or pocket Jacks or AKo, I just anticipated a call. I additionally understood my play, this profound stacked, was essentially turning my hand over. What’s more that acknowledgment is the thing that made what occurred next so interesting.

Cutoff snap re-raises to $900.

Ugh. Tank time.

I never felt pocket Kings shrink up in my grasp that quick previously.

I contemplated what his 5-bet 80 BB range was…and it must be amazingly limited.

I thought about AKs, yet immediately excused that chance. This isn’t a competition, it’s a profound stacked money game! Just a neurotic or jackass (of which this player was not one or the other) would play Big Slick that solid in a money game.

Pocket Jacks likewise just got around 15 seconds of tank time. However, I was completely certain that he was not equipped for making that play with both of those beginning hands, so they were out.