Is There a Testosterone Supplement That Works?


If you’re looking for a testosterone supplement that works, it’s important to choose one with clinically proven ingredients. You’ll find this booster has clinically proven ingredients and is made in a FDA-approved building. Its creator has been in business for over a decade, and it ships free to most countries. Before you even check out, you’ll find out if you can get free delivery. This product also has a 100-day moneyback guarantee.


Boswellia extract

Research has shown that Boswellia extract may be effective for men who are trying to increase their testosterone levels. This compound may also help flush the body of toxins and free radicals. The plant, known as Boswellia, is used in many natural ayurvedic medicines in India and South East Asia. The plant is believed to increase the production of testosterone naturally in the body. It also may have health benefits for men who suffer from ED, such as a reduction in loss of penile function.


Taking a zinc supplement for testosterone may be a good idea. In one study, zinc supplementation resulted in increased testosterone levels in elite wrestlers. The researchers showed that men who consumed zinc regularly had higher levels of both testosterone and thyroid hormones. Moreover, it reduced the amount of SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin) in their bodies, a common side effect of testosterone supplements.


Whether magnesium as a testosterone supplement is effective is a matter of debate. One recent study showed that men who had higher levels of magnesium in their blood had higher levels of free testosterone in their bodies. The authors of the study say that these results support a positive association between magnesium and higher testosterone levels. Magnesium may increase testosterone levels indirectly by blocking the hormone cortisol and by improving sleep. Those benefits should lead to higher levels of testosterone, better sleep, and less anxiety.


Fenugreek is an herb that is known to boost testosterone levels. Its saponins and phytonutrients help boost overall health and sexual function. It can also help men increase their testosterone levels. While this herb is safe for human consumption, it can cause gastrointestinal problems when consumed in higher doses. Men taking medications and supplements should consult their health care provider before starting a new supplement.

Oyster extract

For centuries, oysters have been considered a potent aphrodisiac. Aside from being delicious and full of nutrients, oysters are also used in pharmaceutical supplements. Studies have shown that men who take oyster extract regularly can boost their testosterone levels and enjoy improved health and vitality. This delicacy comes from the same family as mussels and scallops. As bivalve molluscs, oysters have two hinged shells.

D-aspartic acid

Testosterone is an important hormone in the body, and it helps to build lean muscle mass. However, it also helps reduce cortisol, which can cause fat to accumulate in the abdomen and muscle tissue to be lost. Additionally, D-aspartic acid helps to increase energy levels and sleep quality. As a result, D-aspartic acid may be used by athletes and bodybuilders as a testosterone booster.

Vitamin D

If you’re interested in increasing your testosterone level, a Vitamin D and testosterone supplement may be worth looking into. Both of these nutrients are important for optimal bone health and for facilitating the absorption of minerals. While they are naturally found in certain foods, including mushrooms and fatty fish, they can also be found in supplement form. Most doctors recommend a Vitamin D and testosterone supplement. Although they don’t necessarily go hand in hand, some research suggests that taking adequate amounts of both nutrients can have significant positive effects on testosterone levels.