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Kinemaster Mod APK (Video Editiong Software)


KineMaster is among the most highly rated video editors available to Android users. It is a renowned video editor in the world due to of its impressive features. Download Kinemaster Mod Apk here. We always offer original Apk to our users.

KineMaster is a full video editor. With this video editor, you can create any type of video due to its numerous features to meet the requirements of every person around the globe.

It is the favorite of many YouTubers and Vloggers since the video editor allows you create any kind of video with ease. If you’re looking to create private videos for Facebook, personal Kinemaster mod apk videos or Videos for Instagram as well as videos to use for WhatsApp status, then this video editor will allow you to create amazing videos using many functions and effects.

KineMaster is a powerful toolkit that includes Speed Controls for transitions, subtitles, and transitions Multiple Video Layers Voiceovers and Blending Modes Special Effects and many more.

Are you looking Download KineMaster Mod Apk with no Watermark and is unlocked? Follow the instructions below to download the original Apk:

Click the download button provided below.

Then, you will see your Downloading begun

It could take a few minutes for it to be downloaded

After your download is complete, you can begin downloading.

Click on the Install button

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed KineMaster

What’s New in the Recent Update?

Asset Store Audio Section UI Improvements

Audio Browser UI Improvements

Extended Video Layer Support

Speed Control Improvements (0.25x – 16x)

Pitch Adjustment on Speed Control Tool

Bug Fixes and Feature Improvements

Features of KineMaster

Download Kinemaster mod Apk

Download Kinemaster mod APK

KineMaster includes a variety of characteristics that makes kineMaster distinct and complete Video editor app. The features are described below step-by-step:

Instant Preview

There is no need to see the final image of what your video will look like. You can quickly review your edits when you make any modifications to the video. The same features you get with Kinemaster professional. This feature does not just save your time but also it allows you to edit the videos more precisely.

Multi-Track Audio

You can play up to eight audio tracks simultaneously , depending on the device you are using. So editing audio is much more accurate and simple using this feature.

Speed Control

You can change your video’s speed with ease between 0.25x up to 16x with no distortion in pitch for the most powerful time-lapse and slow-motion effects.

Pro Audio Feature

Audio can be extracted from videos and edit audio and video independently and it also supports different audio formats.

Chroma Key

Download Kinemaster mod Apk

Download Kinemaster mod Apk

It is among the greatest features of KineMaster Video editor. The chroma keys are employed to change the background of video clips to green screens. It is possible to remove backgrounds from videos by using these tools to join two videos, and then add the background of your choice.

Voice Recording

KineMaster lets you record your voice and then add the voice to your video. You can add any song to your video with ease.

Transition Effects

There are many transitions that are included in KineMaster that make your videos look more like action films. Utilizing these transitions, you are able to mix any shot and scene quickly. KineMaster provides a wide range of Transitions, such as a wiping out, wiping in fade, dissolve, etc.


KineMaster lets you incorporate different animations into your videos, while editing your videos. KineMaster has many different animations that can make your video look stunning.

Reverse Your Videos

KineMaster includes a feature which you can move forward and reverse the video in an entirely different appearance.

Video Quality

Video Export in 4K at 30FPS

Split Videos

KineMaster lets you split your lengthy videos into short clips


It lets you duplicate your video and then use them multiple instances in your project.


It allows you to cut your videos quickly and remove unneeded or undesirable parts from the footage. This isn’t a new feature. Since the crop feature is the most important element of any video editor. This is why you can find this feature on every type model of editor for video. However, it is crucial to talk about this feature.


This video editor permits users to apply various stickers to make your video more animated and stunning. There’s a large collection of stickers, and all stickers are available in this modified version. There is no need to purchase additional features now.

Asset Store

One difference that is common between Kinemaster premium and free Kinemaster premium lies in the store for assets. It is necessary to purchase in addition to themes, images as well as transitions and more. But , don’t think about it. With Kinemaster Mod Apk it is possible to be able to download every asset at no cost. Like we offer an asset store for free within Alight Motion Pro Video Editor.

Powerful Color Controls

Kinemaster is an editing application for video that offers many options for amateur as well as professional users. A single of the more effective but often ignored characteristics that comes with Kinemaster is the color panel. The panel’s color controls allow users to change the color on their video in a variety ways, from simple contrast, brightness and saturation adjustments, to more intricate curvatures and HSL adjustments.

Why KineMaster Video Editor?



KineMaster is among the best widely used video editor application in the world due to its amazing features. People enjoy using this application to create Tik Tok videos. It allows you to produce professional video content for the Youtube Channel as well as for Vlogging. You can utilize this video editor to edit your own videos.

If you don’t own an Laptop or PC, then I would suggest that you make your own videos using this application. This Video Editor can help you create any type of video quickly. Furthermore, it is simple to use in comparison with Filmmaker video editor Imovie, Action director Power Director, VideoShop as well as Viva Video Editor and also provides many functions compared to those video editors.

How To Edit Videos With Kinemaster?

We’ve often observed that the majority of people are not used to editing video and do not know how to edit video like professional. Therefore, to help them learn, youtube tutorials about Kinemaster. It will aid them in understanding how to use Kinemaster. Follow the video tutorial below.


Is it secure to make use of Kinemaster Mod?

Yes, we’ve examined this modified version on our own and found it to contain no malicious code. This means that you can use the modified version with no fear of doubt.

Q: How do I get Kinemaster with no watermarks?

It’s easy to obtain Kinemaster without watermarks. All you need to do is download the modified version on the site and then install it. You can now enjoy Kinemaster without watermark.

Q: How do I gain access to the Asset Store with this modified version.

The good news is that it’s an locked version. This means you have access to the store for absolutely no cost. Everything that is premium, such as images, transitions, and animations are completely free to utilize in the store.

What’s New in this Mod?

Multi-Layer editing

New version has improved performance

Edit audio separately

No watermark

Updated to the latest version

The button’s movement will bring you will take you to an Options menu panel

There’s now the alternative to browse and explore the assets store.

Export videos to Full HD resolution.


As mentioned above, this is the most effective app to edit videos. If you’re a YouTuber but do not have a PC, then this is the app ideal for you. Download KineMaster Mod’s apk here and enjoy authentic editing of your videos with your Android smartphone.