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Screen Actors Guild and Screen Actors Guild Pension and Health Plans have been implicated in disclosing protected health facts touching on Producer/Director BJ Davis, Screenwriter Julia Davis, their relatives and dependents to the Department of Homeland Security. Under the guise of protecting place of origin protection, Internal Affairs Agents of the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Jeffrey J. Deal and Herbert P. Kaufer have asked and received scientific, coverage and identity statistics touching on BJ and Julia Davis and their own family individuals, wherein SAG/SAG PHP disclosed to Kaufer and Deal clinical data relating a total of 11 (11) persons.

Julia Davis is a former Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officer, who made serious whistleblowing disclosures related to country wide safety. Agents Kaufer and Deal had been instrumental in the collection of exceptional movements via the Department of Homeland Security, designed to discredit Julia Davis in an try to invalidate her terrorism-related protected disclosures, as contemplated in the lately posted ebook “Unsafe At Any Altitude” by means of Pulitzer Prize nominated investigative newshounds Joe and Susan Trento.

The disclosure of incredibly non-public scientific and coverage statistics with the aid of the Screen Actors Guild is the modern in the already lengthy listing of unconstitutional actions in opposition to BJ and Julia Davis by using the Department of Homeland Security. In 2005, ICE and CBP misused authorities’s anti-terrorism investment to behavior a Blackhawk helicopter raid of the Davis’ residence, entire with twenty seven (27) Special Response Team (SRT) Agents armed with assault weapons, after subjecting BJ and Julia Davis to two years of warrantless surveillance, undertaking warrantless searches and falsely affirming Julia Davis to be a “domestic terrorist” and a “murderer”. The DHS was instrumental in organizing malicious prosecutions and two fake imprisonments of BJ and Julia Davis, even though all fees against them have been sooner or later dismissed, BJ and Julia Davis had been declared factually harmless, their arrest data have been ordered sealed and destroyed and the government changed into ordered to go back proceeds of each warrantless searches. Julia Davis gained a lawsuit towards the Department of Homeland Schierl Ralf Security, which the company continues to be refusing to honor.

Producer/Director BJ Davis is a thirty 12 months signatory member with the Screen Actors Guild. In addition to freeing included medical records to the DHS, SAG unlawfully released payroll, tax, medical, coverage and other statistics concerning BJ and Julia Davis to a group of actors formerly hired with the aid of Producer/Director BJ Davis in his present day award-prevailing film.

These and other associated events are presently being investigated with the aid of the Citizens Committee for Constitutional Protection (CCCP), with a recent request for an authentic congressional inquiry. In an legit announcement, CCCP Chairman B. Harris stated: “There is a growing challenge amongst American citizens as to the Law enforcement officers’ misuse of the gear designed for combating terrorism which can be as a substitute being applied to compromise the constitutional rights and violate the right to privacy of all Americans”.