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One of the options in Photoshop is to import images from your digital camera or via card reader, which will read your SD card and transfer the image to your computer, and import into Photoshop elements 8.

1. Connect the camera, SD card (only with new computers) or card reader to the computer according to manufacturer’s instructions. A card reader should connect via a USB, whilst an SD card slots into the appropriate slot in new computers.

2. Next, your computer should recognize the device, either by opening up windows auto play box or the photo downloader. You want the photo downloader, so if the box automatically appears continue, if not open up the program and choose to import the photos you want from your camera/SD card. This option is available under the Source box.

3. Then you have to import the photos onto your computer. Under location, an automatic folder for your photos should be available. However, if you want to import your photos to elsewhere choose to browse your computer for the most appropriate location. Below location, there is a choice for subfolders, which you can rename according to date or title or leave blank.

4. The next two steps are very important to saving your files correctly. On the Renames menu, click on DO NOT RENAME, this will make sure all your photos remain with the same name when imported. Secondly, after you have copied the photos, choose the DO NOT DELETE ORIGINALS option under the Delete options menu.

5. You should then be able to import your photos by clicking the ‘Get Photos’ button. If the automatic download box appears any time during the importing process, always disable it.

6. Next two things should happen, a dialog box should appear to tell that your images have been copied to the location set by you (click ok) and a second dialogue box will tell you they are being imported into Photoshop elements.

7. Before any photos appear in the Photoshop elements browser pane, you may be asked for keywords or to confirm them if the photos contain keyword metadata. If this happens, just simply select the keywords you wish to import, these are added to keyword palette, and thus they have no bearing or effects on your image. This won’t necessarily happen every time, so you may find your photos are often automatically imported into Photoshop elements.