Play WWE Lucha Wrestling Game Online

WWE Lucha Wrestling Game is an online game where you wrestle as one of many WWE characters. Using the arrow keys to move and space bar to attack, you fight your way through a tournament or endless play. You can earn points for special moves like pinning your opponent or using weapons such as steel chairs, tables and more.

The game begins with John Cena’s entrance video and his theme “The Time Is Now.” When it ends, players choose whether they want to begin competing in a tournament mode or just simply wrestling for fun with no rules.

Once the mode has been chosen, players then decide who they want to be: There are wrestlers from both Raw and SmackDown , including fan-favorite superstars such as Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, The Miz, Big Show and Cesaro.

Once the wrestler has been chosen by the player, they begin their journey in the ring. To win a match in tournament mode, players must defeat five opponents to claim the championship belt in that particular weight class.

After each victory against an opponent in single or tag team action, players are awarded points for special moves such as running attacks or aerial maneuvers when outside of the ring. For example when playing as John Cena he can use diving shoulder blocks to knock down his opponent outside of the ring then run up to them and hit an elbow drop.

There are also several objectives that appear during gameplay that award bonus points if completed successfully (for example: deliver five running attacks in a single match). After winning the belt by defeating the five opponents in whichever weight class, players must defend it against all of the wrestlers they have defeated. 

The player is able to choose any wrestler from the roster to fight their current champion. However, if they are pinned during this match then they lose their championship belt

The game features several different modes for single and multiplayer action including exhibition, where players can customize many aspects of their wrestling experience including opponent difficulty, match settings, ring conditions and titles that are available to be won after each match (for example: Intercontinental Championship or Hardcore). 

Players can also earn points while competing in these matches which can be used to unlock hidden characters or other via the “SmackDown Mall.”

The game also includes an online multiplayer feature which allows players to face off against other opponents around the world. The game does not require a subscription to Xbox Live Gold, but Xbox Live is required for online play on consoles. There are also several achievements that can be earned while playing “SmackDown vs. Raw 2010”.

Online mode lets players challenge other real-life gamers all over the world or battle against their friends in tag team or on teams created by themselves. Also featured are more options toward match settings.

Options include choosing between two styles of gameplay (American or Japanese), turning victory conditions on/off, defining match rules etc. Online matches are currently only available for PS3 users due to Sony’s exclusive contract with WWE.

The game allows customization of WWE programming, including the ability to create events and their match cards. Match rules can also be customized; some examples are Falls Count Anywhere, I Quit matches, etc. A new “Create an Arena” feature was added to this year’s game. This mode lets players design their own arenas for use in online play or with Xbox Live.

 The paint tool has also evolved into more of a shape tool where one may select from three different sizes of basic shapes (with 4 colors each) that can then be custom painted on. These objects can then be placed anywhere within the arena boundaries and scaled/rotated at will.

Another major change is the inclusion of more than four layers, allowing users to build up to 20 separate layers which can contain any number of individual objects. This makes for an incredibly deep and flexible system with near limitless possibilities for making custom logos/rings/areas. 

As well as the paint tool, there is now a “logo” feature that allows users to add more detail to their created arenas by adding more lights, billboards, etc. In addition to user-created creations, players will also see THQ’s signature creation Anarchy Rulz on WWE games again in this year’s title.