Tuesday, May 21, 2024

The process of getting a driving License in the Netherlands for knowledge migrants

To obtain a driver’s license in the Netherlands for an expat is believed to be extremely difficult and  Easy Quizzz, at the same time, costly process. There are a lot of things to do, to attending theory classes to taking driving classes, as well as taking tests in the practical etc..and however, it is not guaranteed that you is going to pass the tough Dutch licensing test.

However, if one falls into the category of “knowledge migrant” expats, getting a driver’s license is easy and cost-effective.

It is possible to do this through the simple act of swapping your previous (the driving licence from your country of origin) driving license for the Dutch one. I’m sure you’re eager to hear me reveal the details fast..so here’s the deal Here’s the deal:

  1. The most important requirement is to get a 30 percent tax ruling form in the correct place.The tax ruling document can be obtained from the HR department at your office.
  1. Visit Gemeente (town council) using this document as well as a residence permit.Then, one must purchase an application form called “Eigen Verklaring” which is a health-related form transferble to anoth. It is priced at approximately 20 euros. It is necessary to fill out the form (it contains a number of health-related inquiries) and then send it in a simple way to CBR. The address is listed in the form. If someone answers “yes” to one of the health-related questions then he/she will require the doctor’s signature for it.
  1. Within 3 weeks , one will receive a certificate from CBR that they are qualified to drive in the Netherlands and is not suffering from any health concerns.
  1. After receiving the letter, you must go back into the Gemeente.Take all of the documents i.e identification document, proof of identity, 30% taxes document, CBR letters, old driving license, two passport photographs and 50 euros as fees. If anyone wants to obtain to get this old driving licence and again, this must be clearly stated by writing the Gemeente. The letter should address the RDW.

Keep an old copy of the license until processing is completed.

  1. If everything goes well If everything is positive, you will receive an email of approval from RDW within 3 weeks . It will state that the application for a driving license was approved and the license is available for collection at the Gemeente.The letter will also indicate the address where you can collect the old license.