Wednesday, April 24, 2024

What is a Keratin Hair Treatment?

A “keratin hair treatment” is often used to refer to the most popular method of straightening where curly or frizzy hair gets straightened, smoothed and straightened with a chemical mix that contains Keratin protein. If you’ve heard of it previously, you’re likely to be familiar with the controversy surrounding the process Keratin Haarglättung.

What’s the matter with this controversy?

A lot of women and men who have received the hair treatment keratin completed are amazed by the result: sleek, silky and manageable hair. It could be an amazing result after years of trying to manage hair that is unruly.

However, others have concluded that the risk isn’t worth the outcome. The chemicals used in treatment are extremely harmful and are believed to cause respiratory illnesses as well as cancer in those who breathe in the fumes. The stylist as well as the client are required to wear masks and conduct the procedure in a ventilated area However, these precautions are not used as often as they ought to be.

What is it in keratin which causes this?

Nothing about keratin is harmful. Keratin is a natural protein that can be found on your hair skis, your nails and teeth. The most effective keratin-based protein that is available today comes from wool from sheep and is utilized in its original condition to help heal and protect damaged hair. Since keratin is a natural product and non-toxic, it doesn’t cause damage to your hair or your health. In fact, it won’t alter the hair’s structure enough to straighten it.

Although it can’t straighten but it can do an incredible job at healing damaged. Keratin hair treatments make use of this ability by exposure to damaging chemicals and relying on keratin to heal breakage and strengthen hair. These chemicals rather than the keratin that have led to the debate over keratin-based hair treatments.

Are there benefits to the keratin ingredient without the harmful chemicals?

Keratin can help make damaged and frizzy hair silky smooth and soft. It is, however, unable to smooth curly hair. If you’re looking to have smoother hair and do not care about straightening it, you could certainly benefit from keratin-based hair products.

Keratin shampoos and conditioning treatments may be used to repair damaged hair and give your hair a silkier and healthier look. There aren’t any risks applying keratin to your hair (but be sure to check the other ingredients of any product you choose to use) therefore, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of causing damage or health hazards. Keratin is suitable for all types of hair curly, straight short, long or healthy.