Saturday, May 18, 2024

Wood Or Plastic Cutting Boards

I located a forum approximately reducing forums So I idea I would deliver my opinion almost about cutting forums and butcher blocks. A little about me: I have been a cabinet/furniture builder for over 10 years I additionally make timber bowls, timber utensils and butcher blocks/cutting boards.

Now similar to anyone here my wife and I even have owned numerous plastic slicing boards they may be not to steeply-priced and they get the task performed, however they’ll dull your knives right away. With that stated they do contain an excellent cleansing whilst used and more moderen studies have proven that they certainly maintain micro organism some say that the plastic surface may also inspire the growth of bacteria. Now I can not say that I actually have ever gotten sick from using plastic boards but my spouse and I tend to wash them without a doubt good after using them and we don’t permit food to take a seat there for extremely lengthy.

Wood slicing boards and butcher blocks have been around for the reason that mid 1800 earlier than that they used chunks of timber or tree rounds for butcher blocks. End grain butcher Custom Wood Cutting Board blocks are nevertheless made nowadays. You will not find out them used commercially however will find them in houses. With little research carried out, they banned them from commercial use. Studies now show us that timber is a advanced cutting floor. That micro organism most effective lives for approximately three mins on wood boards.

Scientists from the University of Wisconsin’s Food Research Institute stumbled upon the finding at the same time as seeking ways to decontaminate timber forums and cause them to as “safe” as plastic. Much to their surprise, they located that after forums have been purposely polluted with organisms consisting of salmonella, listeria and Escherichia coli which can be not unusual causes of meals poisoning, 99.9 in line with cent of the bacteria died off within three mins at the timber forums, at the same time as none died on the plastic ones.

When polluted forums had been left unwashed all-night at room temperature, bacterial counts elevated at the plastic, however none of the organisms could be recovered from the wooden forums the next morning.”

With all that stated I do choose wood reducing forums over any other surface. They have a fashion of there own specifically quit grain butcher block fashion cutting boards. Hard Maple is by using a long way the best I have visible for slicing boards it seems to be just the right hardness.

Face grain boards –

They look great and may be a very good bit thinner but they will dull your knives about like poly or “plastic ” reducing forums. This kind of reducing board is inexpensive

End grain forums –

These are the very best on your knives but want to be at the least 2 1/4″ thick. They are also not inexpensive

My wife and I have had a 24″x30″x14″ butcher block for about 7 years now and we love it. I definitely observed this butcher block at a place we rented it appears to be absolutely vintage because it has a cup in it that would take some time to create.